Ed "Moose" Savage

Hello Folks: For whatever reason... and there are reasons; I feel like I am experiencing, and can't hold back, a gurgling of creativity taking over me!

Because of this, and my current severe financial difficulties, such as the need to raise some dough, real soon, in order to get and stay caught up on the mortgage of my home, which I dearly love, I've decided to use my creativity in a positive way to get out of this situation, and be able to move ahead with this good flow, leading the way. Sooooo.... This is your chance to help out by purchasing this never before offered creative package, "THE BIG PACKAGE" of Ed "Moose" Savage, and all my performing incarnations, and yet to be incarnations, of my musical releases, and unreleases, t-shirts, posters, video, spoken word performance, oddball shtuff, video of my mom, Ruth Savage, doing a performance at my 40th Birthday party, and DIG THIS!!! A DVD of any piece I have written, solo spoken word and/or singing, personalized, or not personalized, especially for you, or a friend, relative, enemy, etc. etc. etc. Every DVD will be unique and not exactly like any other. You know, like a snowflake: everyone is different. It's not only a WIN-WIN situation, it's an OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME!!! The first 20 orders also receive a BONUS $50.00 gift certificate, to my fabulous gallery/store, PICTURE PARADISE, in Salem. I will list all the items, with descriptions, included in "THE BIG PACKAGE." They can be found by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.

Other additional services that I offer: I am available for parties, schools, bar mitzvahs, graduations, cocktails, dinner, weddings... I mean I really do, do weddings, having performed 2 wedding ceremonies, legally, and another coming up on October first of this year. My availability of this particular service, does vary by state to state, (not state of mind). I am also available for counseling, (unlicensed of course), some yo-yo tricks, although I'm a bit rusty, motivational speeches, (well I guess that's pushing it a bit), and intelligent sport's talk, sport's broadcasting , especially baseball. I love to go candlepin bowling, although I love all bowling! I will talk about New Orleans! I will talk to your cat, your dog, your rabbit, your guinea pig, your bird, your fishes, your kid, your parents, and most of your relatives, although possibly only under supervision in some cases. Kazoo, and singing lessons, (although not always in key), are also available.

I will do your addition, do your subtraction, your multiplying; however, not your division, (unless I really have to), because I'm out of practice. Please do not even think about asking about square roots, logarithms, the metric system, or geometry. I will help with your spelliing, taste your wine, beer, or liquor, (no gin, rum, or sweet cocktails). I will sample your tomatoes, (seriously), cucumbers, and devour your bacon. I love seafood, (especially when prepared by someone else), raw oysters, and whoops...... enough seafood talk. Well actually, one more thing: I will do just about anything for HOT BOILED CRAWFISH, (only if boiled and prepared) by a Louisianian, or Southerner, native or transplanted, spiced and delicious. It's been WAY TOO LONG!

I am looking forward to this new burst of creative energy, and sharing it with as many of you as possible!!! LET'S DO IT TOGETHER! I need you, and I hope you need me!

Thanx a lot, and I TRULY, TRULY, TRULY, mean it!!!
Love, Ed "Moose" Savage (The New Moose)





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