Somewhat legendary Boston, or actually Allston bands, Moose and the Mudbugs, and Siamese Triplets, have just released a 2 CD set.: Live at the Knights of Pythias. This was recorded June 2, 2001 at band leader Ed "Moose" Savage's 50th birthday bash. Moose and the Mudbugs (1984-1987) and Siamese Triplets (1989-1990) contain current and former members of The Mighty Ions, The Beachmasters, Hopelessly Obscure, The Afrika Korps, X-Ray Tango, The Givens, Firecat, and Ed "Moose" Savage and His Litany of Complaints. There are also special guest appearances including Willie Loco Alexander, Erik Lindgren, Ken Field, and Randy Black. This double CD captures the excitement of these 2 band's wild and highly entertaining live sets. It contains many of their classics along with plenty of previously unreleased material. This should be even bigger than their "Live at Budokan." Guaranteed to be a real crowd pleaser!

Moose And the Mudbugs (CD One)

1. Intro to Crawfish With A Vengeance 0:37
2. Crawfish With A Vengeance (Savage) 2:24 Play MP3
3. Intro to Talk 0:06
4. Talk (Savage) 3:03
5. Intro to Can't Sleep At Night 0:43
6. Can't Sleep At Night (Savage) 3:23
7. Intro to Festival Time 0:25
8. Festival Time (Savage) 4:49
9. In Reality (Savage) 4:49 Play MP3
10. Fever (Cooley/Davenport) 5:33
11. Milk Crate Takeover (Savage) 3:36
12. The <Fight> 0:15
13. St. James Infirmary (Traditional) 4:14
14. 20 Ashford (Savage) 5:15
15. Intro to the Roach Under the Pillow 0:49
16. The Roach Under the Pillow (Savage) 4:16
17. Intro to Gloria 0:22
18. Gloria (Morrison) 8:51

Ed <Moose> Savage: vocals, kazoo, harmonica, assorted percussion
Ken <Mr. President> Kaiser: guitar, background vocals
Carl Square: bass, background vocals
Paul <Bing Bang Boom Boom> Dionne: drums
Special guests Ken Field: alto saxophone on <Festival Time> John Keegan: baritone saxophone on <Festival Time> Adrian Daw: 2nd guitar on <In Reality> Willie Loco Alexander: keyboards on <20 Ashford,> tambourine and background vocals on <Gloria> Erik Lindgren: keyboards on <20 Ashford> and <Gloria,> and background vocals on <Gloria> Randy Black: 2nd guitar and background vocals on <Gloria>

Siamese Triplets (CD Two)

1. Intro to Vinyl Siding 1:03
2. Vinyl Siding (Savage) 2:27 Play MP3
3. Intro to Worms 0:21
4. Worms (Savage, Kaiser, Twomey, Dionne) 6:27 Play MP3
5. Neptune All Night (Kaiser) 4:39
6. Intro to Greenery 0:30
7. Greenery (Savage) 5:53 Play MP3
8. Intro to Monsters 0:37
9. Monsters (Savage, Kaiser, Twomey, Dionne) 5:55
10. Intro to Yellow Lines 0:11
11. Yellow Lines (Twomey, Savage) 4:37
12. I Am the Walrus (Lennon, McCartney) 3:48
13. Intro to Combat 0:27
14. Combat (Savage, Stallsmith, Geller, Joslin) 12:51
15. Land Full of People (Savage, Kaiser, Dionne) 8:23

Ed <Moose> Savage: vocals, kazoo, harmonica, keyboards, jews harp, doinga and other assorted percussion
Ken <Mr. President> Kaiser: guitar, background vocals
Carl Twomey: bass, background vocals, screams
Paul <Bing Bang Boom Boom> Dionne: drums